District Waste

Huntley D158 School Board voted unanimously four times to spend $3 million for four electric buses.

First, I am a proponent of the electrification of vehicles.  The designs are much simpler, which drives down maintenance and ultimately should drive down the cost of the vehicles.  This does not mean we should invest in them for school buses, though — at least not yet. 

D158 wants to be an early adopter, but it’s really just going to cost taxpayers more in the long run with no benefit to the mission of the district:  To educate our kids. 

Read along as I break apart the costs involved into moving to the electric buses that this current board went forward with — and as usual, asked very little about. 

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Orange Frog: How D158 spent $168,500 on stuffed animals… to help ­staff become happy.

Huntley D158 has a culture problem, and everyone knows it.  The teachers and staff are continuously stacked with more and more things to do, and the core mission of educating our students is diluted. 

So what is in the materials which we spent almost three times on over what the actual training costed D158?

We handed out 740 stuffed animals, wrist bands, pins, and comic books to staff – all costing around $225 per person.  With everything that is going on in the district, this was not smart spending. Think of what we could have done with this $168,000.

Worse, I’ve spoken with multiple teachers who’ve told me that staff does not take these “toys” seriously, throwing them in the trash after they’re received.


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